Prior to cooking for you, we meet to discuss your personal preferences and dietary  requirements.  We'll perform a full assessment and take the time to understand what you truly enjoy eating.  We take pride in creating artful menus one at a time...because it is Your affair!

Our personal chef menu plans are uniquely created to suit your needs.  The price will vary depending upon the type of preparation and the number of meals/servings you desire.

We take the time to personalize each plan to meet your needs.

All plans include meal planning, recipe research, grocery shopping delivery, meal preparation, labeling and detailed serving instructions.

We can supply NUTRITIONAL VALUES for any food we prepared for you.

We offer unique plans, such as "Protein Only" Where you prepare the side dishes.

Ask about our highly popular, FREEZER MEALS where we stock your freezer with vacuum packed dishes so you ALWAYS have meals on hand.

A Wide Variety of Menu Plans Tailored Just for You